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Activate Biochar with Biota Max

Activate Biochar with Biota Max

Activate Biochar with Biota Max. Biochar is an excellent way to improve both soil quality and soil texture. Improving the condition of your soils is both useful to your plants and helpful for sustainability.

Disadvantage of Activating Biochar with Compost

It’s true that Biochar is generally charged with compost – but this process has several distinct disadvantages:

  • The compost may not be of good quality or be well balanced – bad compost may do more harm than good!
  • Some composts do not contain all the necessary microorganisms.
  • Manure used to charge Biochar may contain antibiotics, insecticides, fungicides, Activate BIocharor worse – manure may contain pathogenic (disease causing) microorganisms.
  • It takes 2-4 weeks before the microorganisms in the compost colonize the Biochar. This results in unnecessary delays in applying your Biochar.
  • Biochar quality will vary with each application depending on the type and quality of compost.
  • The structure of Biochar is designed to allow microorganisms to attach and form colonies. From the beginning use of Biochar it is best to add microorganisms that are know to be beneficial.



Activate Biochar with Biota Max

The best way to avoid the disadvantages of activating your Biochar with compost and improve its activation is to use BiotaMax.

BiotaMax has been specifically formulated to activate your Biochar with essential soil bacteria and soil fungi needed to make Biochar effective from the beginning – day one!

BiotaMax contains specifically selected, highly concentrated microorganisms that are found in healthy soils worldwide. BiotaMax contains only safe, naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and beneficial Trichoderma fungi.

BiotaMax is also composting friendly. Composting experts will find that the use of BiotaMax will degrade organic matter more rapidly, reducing composting time and insuring that the final result is well balanced and contains all the necessary soil microorganisms.

The use of BiotaMax can eliminate the need to activate Biochar by compost thereby speeding up the use of your Biochar.

Custom Biologicals

Contact Custom Biologicals at (561) 797-3008 or Bill@Custombio.biz to further discuss how to activate Biochar using BIotamax.

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