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Beneficial Microbes for Plants – Microbes

Beneficial Microbes used by Custom Biologicals

I’m often asked how we choose the beneficial microbes for plants that we use in our products. I’ll use this post to describe the process we use to choose our bacteria and fungi used in our biological products.

Beneficial Microorganisms for Plants – Criteria

Custom Biologicals uses six criteria when choosing beneficial microbes for our products. Beneficial MicrobesHere’s the list:

  • Safety First – ALWAYS
  • Non- Pathogenic – do not cause disease
  • Natural – Not GMO (NOT genetically modified organisms)
  • Non-Opportunistic
  • All from the ATCC (American Type Culture Collection)
  • Proven Benefits on 40+ crops

Safety First

Safety is always our first concern and you’ll notice that the first four points touch on safety. We don’t use any known human pathogens. All of our products contain microorganisms that are non-opportunistic. That means that they don’t cause disease even in a compromised host.

All of our products are derived from microorganisms we have received from the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC). The ATCC is a repository for microorganisms. Many of these have been studied by universities and companies worldwide. This allows us to choose the species that are most beneficial for the task at hand. It also allows us to monitor thousands of field trials on these organisms around the globe greatly expanding our knowledge base.

Beneficial Microbes that Help Crops

Finally, we choose our organisms based on their proven benefit to crops. We then test the products both in our laboratory and in our own field tests.

Using this method, we determine which microorganisms for plants to use in our products. Currently, we use both beneficial soil bacteria and beneficial soil Trichoderma species.

Custom Biologicals

For more information about this important topic, contact Custom Biologicals at Bill@Custombio.biz or at (561) 797-3008.

Custom Biologicals is a manufacturer of biological products for a wide variety of applications including agriculture, farming and gardening. Here’s a list of our agriculture products. Additionally, Custom is involved in the bioremediation, wastewater, maintenance supply, and restaurant supply industries. Here’s a complete list of our products for agriculture.

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