Biofertilizers and Custom Biologicals


Biofertilizers are compounds that contain microorganisms. These microorganisms colonize the rhizosphere, or root zone, which is the soil directly adjacent to the roots.

BioFertilizer Time Lapse Video

Here’s a great time lapsed video that shows the power of biofertilizers. Notice the increased size and increased germination of the roots in the treated rice seeds.

Biofertilizers promote plant growth by increasing the amount of nutrients available to the plant. Its important to note that without beneficial microorganisms, plants would be unable to utilize many of the nutrients in the soil.



Custom Biologicals and Biofertilizers

Custom Biologicals manufactures both beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi. We have a number of biofertilizer products including:

Biota Max™ – Unique biofertilizer, effervescent tablet containing 10 species of beneficial microorganisms.

Custom GP – Concentrated Liquid Trichoderma Blend. Contains 4 species of beneficial soil fungi. Also available as a tablet.

Custom B5. – Concentrated Liquid Bacillus Biofertilizer. Contains 5 species of beneficial soil bacteria.

Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PBPR)

An important type of biological fertilizers are the Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria or PBPR. The PBPR help with nitrogen fixation, nutrient solubilization, and stimulating p

Biota Max – Bio fertilizer

lant growth

through the production of plant hormones, such as auxins.

Custom Biologicals manufactures a number of bio-fertilizers, like  Biota Max™. Biota Max contains both beneficial soil bacteria and beneficial soil fungi. This unique product helps grow healthier, more productive plants and plant root systems.

How Bio-fertilizers Help Plants.

In general, biofertilizers take advantage of natural microbe plant interactions. As already discussed, bio-fertilizers help the plant fix nitrogen, solubilize nutrients (particularly phosphorus), and stimulate plant growth. Additionally, biological fertilizers help build organic matter and restore the natural soil nutrient recycling system.

Generally, bio-fertilizers reduce the need for traditional fertilizers and reduce the runoff of fertilizers. This reduced runoff is important as phosphorus and nitrogen contamination of lakes and streams is becoming an important environmental concern.

Importantly, biofertilizers form a symbiotic relationship with plant root systems. These beneficial microorganisms convert nutrients into a form that can be utilized by the plant. Beneficial microorganisms produce a number of plant hormones and plant growth factors that have a very positive effect on plant growth and plant productivity.

Biofertilizers tend to be cost effective compared to traditional fertilizers and a 20-30% costs savings can be seen in some field trials.

Private labeling of our products is available and we can customize a biofertilizer to fit your needs.

Biofertilizers and Custom BiologicalsCustom Biologicals

Custom manufactures a wide variety of biological products including products for agriculture, bioremediation, and septic tank maintenance.

We’re always looking for new distributors, both domestic and international. Contact us for additional information.

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Biofertilizers are sometimes called probiotics and soil amendments.

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