Biological Seed Treatment

Biological seed treatments can greatly enhance a plants’ root structure, overall plant health, and the plant yield. Biota Max™ can be effectively used as a biological seed treatment. In fact, the use of Biota Max™ in this manner has some specific benefits for plants.

What is Biota Max™?

Biota Max™ is a unique soil probiotic designed and marketed by Custom Biologicals. Biota Max™ is an effervescent tablet containing billions of beneficial soil microorganisms. These microorganisms help plants grow larger, healthier root systems. Biota Max™ is unique because its an effervescent tablet that contains ten different species of beneficial soil organisms. Both Bacillus bacteria and Trichoderma fungi are contained in Biota Max™. Each Biota Max™ tablet contains enough microbes to treat 1/4 acre or one bag of seeds.

Here’s a brochure about how to use Biota Max™ as a seed treatment.

Download (PDF, 11KB)

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Advantages of a Biological Seed Treatment

Using Biota Max™ has several distinct advantages. First, less Biota Max is required when using as a seed treatment, saving money. The reason you can use less product is simple. You’re applying directly to the seed and then the seed goes into the ground. BiotaMax needs to be in the root zone to be effective. A seed treatment gets Biota Max directly to the roots. In fact, you use about 90% less Biota Max under these conditions.

Secondly, Biota Max is extremely easy to use. When you use a tablet, there is no waste.

Finally, Biota Max contains both beneficial soil bacteria and beneficial soil fungi. Here’s the list of organisms:

Biological Seed Treatment Crops

Almost any crop will benefit from using Biota Max™ as a seed treatment. Here’s a partial list of crops:

    • Soy Beans
    • Green Beans
    • Peanuts
    • Tomatoes
    • Wheat
    • Pumkins
    • Carrots
    • Flowering Plants
    • Rice
    • Peppers
    • Corn


Biota Max™ is manufactured and distributed by Custom Biologicals. Contact Custom at (561)797-3008 or via email at

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  1. […] Biota Max™ contains both beneficial Trichoderma and beneficial soil bacteria. As a combination product, Biota Max™ is unique to the biofertilizer industry. Each tablet treats 1/4 acre or 1/10 hectare. Biota Max™ is equally useful in the home garden and the commercial farm. Great as a seed treatment too! […]

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