Bio Fertilizer Rice Field Trial

Bio fertilizer and Rice are the topic of this field study. Its worth noting that Biota Max™, a unique biofertilizer, can be used on almost all crops. However, rice is one the main crops worldwide so its the topic here. Custom Biologicals has experience with using bio fertilizers and rice in a number of

Bio fertilizer
A newly planted rice paddy in the Japanese countryside with Mount Fuji in the background.

countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Biota Max

Biota Max™ is a unique probiotic that is particularly useful with rice. BiotaMax is an effervescent tablet that contains billions of beneficial soil microorganisms. In fact, Biota Max contains both beneficial soil bacteria and beneficial soil fungi.

Biota Max is a biological soil amendment and biofertilizer. Biota Max helps the rice plant grow stronger, healthier roots thereby creating stronger, healthier plants. Biota Max™ is equally useful in both commercial farms and backyard gardens.

The picture below shows the typical difference between treated and untreated roots. You’ll note that the treated roots are larger and more developed. And, as every farmer knows, a bigger root system allows for a healthier plant and a more productive harvest.

Biota Max™ is a unique effervescent tablet. Once dissolved in water, each tablet will treat 1/4 acre or 1/10 hectare of rice.

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Biota Max™ advantages for Rice

Biota Max™ has several important advantages for rice.

  • Better Grain Quality
  • Less Grain Fragmentation
  • Greater Stress Resistance
  • Increased Rice Production
  • Less use of traditional fertilizers

Biota Max™ and Rice

Rice biofertilizer can be applied at three different times to rice; as a seed treatment, at the time of transplanting the rice, and as a soil treatment. Each application time has specific application instructions. Email me at for application instructions. Both applications work well and will improve the quality and quantity of the harvest.

Below, is a short brochure about Biota Max™ and rice. Note the increases in yield based on when Biota Max™ is applied in the rice growth cycle.

Rice Bio fertilizer Results

For seed to soil treatment, Biota Max increased the yield 6-12%. For transplant into healthy soils the rice yield increased 10-20%. Most impressively, for rice transplant into unhealthy soils the yield increased 20-55 percent. Note that all transplants were done by hand.

Rice Bio fertilizer
Biota Max and Rice.

Biota Max™ is a rice bio fertilizer and is manufactured and distributed by Custom Biologicals. Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of biological products. We’re always looking for new distributors. Contact Custom for more information at (561) 797-3008 or via email at

Here’s a list of all of our biological products.

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