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Living Organic Fertilizer Press Release

Living Organic Fertilizer Press Release

This a unique organic fertilizer containing beneficial soil bacteria, beneficial soil fungi, trace minerals and has a 4/3/4 NPK value.Living Organic 4-3-4 Bulk Label OMRI-Cert-Living-Organic_4-3-4

Living Organic Fertilizer:

  • Is water insoluble so the nutrients don’t wash away.
  • Contains NPK AND beneficial microbes. You get two great products in one package.
  • Contains 70 Trace Minerals
  • helps increase Soil Organic Matter.
  • OMRI Listed™.

Contact Custom Biologicals for more information at or (561) 797-3008.

May 16, 2013

MightyGrow Organics Now Offers First Living, Pelletized Fertilizer with Trace Minerals


FRUITDALE, Ala. – MightyGrow Organics, makers of poultry litter-based, living organic fertilizer, now offers its popular fertilizer in pelletized form, making it the firstever living, pelletized fertilizer on the market. The new product also makes it easier for farmers, golf course managers and maintenance crews to fertilize their land with a proven product.

“We wanted to make their jobs easier and help them get the same great results with MightyGrow,” said Michael LaBelle, owner of MightyGrow Organics. “With our pelletized fertilizer, you can apply anytime and spread it without the need for specialized equipment. Plus, it smells better, which really helps places like golf courses and estate gardens.”

Pelletized organic fertilizers are typically sterilized during the pelleting process, but MightyGrow has developed a method to maintain the “biologically active” status of their fertilizer all the way to the customer.

“Our fertilizer is anaerobically digested, which makes the nutrients more plant available,” said LaBelle. “Ours is the only pelletized organic fertilizer with over 70 trace minerals added to it, making it the best organic fertilizer on the market.”

Farmers, gardeners and landscapers have been using MightyGrow products for years and have had great results with the granulated fertilizer.

“I’ve had increased production of the long-standing crops like: tomatoes, peppers, squash and zucchini, and it’s lasted longer with less put down,” said John Bartlett, owner of Bartlett Farm in Louisiana. “I’ve used other poultry litters in the past, but MightyGrow seems to stay in the soil longer and release perfectly to the plants.”

Other farmers agree with Bartlett. A husband and wife farming team in Hammond, Louisiana, who sells their produce to Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and countless restaurants in the New Orleans area, says MightyGrow is the best fertilizer they’ve ever used.

“We have had excellent results with MightyGrow,” exclaimed C.C. Gaiennie, owner of Ole Market Lane Farm. “We’ve discontinued using the fertilizer that we were creating, and gone strictly to using MightyGrow on all our crops. Our yield has been much higher. We’ve even had fewer insects and fewer weeds. Everything has just worked a lot better since we changed over to MightyGrow.”

MightyGrow Organics manufactures a premium organic fertilizer that is especially effective for restoring the life in soil that has been sterilized by synthetic fertilizers. MightyGrow Living Organic Fertilizer contains live beneficial microbes and trace minerals for optimal soil and plant health.


Contact Custom Biologicals for more information at or (561) 797-3008.  Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of biological products for use in environmental applications.


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