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New Microbial Products – CustomBio

New Microbial Products of Custom Biologicals

We’ve had an interesting summer here at Custom Biologicals. We’ve added two new, exciting microbial soil amendments to our list of products.

The biological products market is exploding and Custom Biologicals is positioned to help your company succeed in this market. Whether you are a grower that needs help with his crops, or a agricultural distributor looking to add biological products to their line of products, Custom Biologicals is here to help you.

Microbial Product – Custom N2

Custom N2 is a highly concentrated liquid product containing nitrogen fixing bacteria. Paenibacillus polymyxa is the name of the beneficial soil bacteria in Custom N2.

The beneficial soil bacteria in Custom N2 fixes atmospheric nitrogen and converts it into a form of nitrogen that can be used by plants. As every farmer knows, adding nitrogen to the soil is expensive, time consuming, and a potential environmental concern.  Using Custom N2 can reduce the amount of nitrogen needed to be added to a crop.

Custom GP Fizzytabs

Custom GP Fizzytabs is a unique product that contains 4 different species of beneficial soil Trichoderma. GP Fizzytabs are an effervescent tablet that dissolve quickly and efficiently in water.

Trichoderma have a number of benefits for a plant including

  • Better root system
  • Solubilize Phosphorus making it available to the plant.
  • Produce Phytohormones
  • Both a soil and root inoculant

Each tab contains enough beneficial soil Trichoderma to treat 1/4 acre (1/10 hectare). GP fizzytabs are conveniently packaged 10 tablets in a tube.

Buy GP Fizzytabs Here

Seed Treatment and Seed Inoculants

I get a lot of inquiries about using our biological products as a seed treatment or seed inoculant. And yes,  our products can be used this way. The most common seed inoculant is BiotaMax. I’ve attached a brochure showing how to use BiotaMax as a seed treatment.


Download (PDF, Unknown)

Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of biological products for use in a number of industries, including agriculture. Contact Custom at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz for additional information about these new products.

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