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Trichoderma Benefits for Plants

Trichoderma Benefits

Trichoderma Benefits for Plants

Beneficial microorganisms play a critical role in the life cycle of plants. Beneficial microbes for plants include soil bacteria and soil fungi such as Trichoderma.

These beneficial soil microorganisms help recycle soil nutrients, solubilize vital nutrients such as phosphorus, provide plant growth hormones, and help improve overall soil quality. With all of these Trichoderma benefits, its no wonder more and more farmers, gardeners, and small farm stakeholders are using the power of beneficial Trichoderma.

Specific Trichoderma Benefits

Trichoderma fungi, such as Trichoderma harzainum, convey several important benefits to plants, including:

  • Enhances nutrient and water uptake of the plant
  • Increases photosynthesis of the host plant
  • Provides growth hormones called phytohormones,
  • Reduces overall fertilizer needs
  • Increase crop yields
  • Increases plants ability to weather stresses such as drought
  • Increases root mass and root depth.

Commercial Products containing Trichoderma

Trichoderma Benefits

Custom GP contains Trichoderma.

Custom GP comes in two forms and contains billions of beneficial Trichoderma fungi. Its available as a highly concentrated liquid and as a unique fizzytab. Use of Trichoderma will greatly improve overall soil conditions.

GP liquid concentrate contains 4 different types of beneficial soil Trichoderma. Custom Gp comes in two sizes. The 50 ml size is designed to treat 2.5 acres or 1 hectare. The 1 Liter size treats 50 acres or 20 hectares. Both of these formulations are highly concentrated and greatly reduce shipping costs. GP concentrates are great for larger farms.

Custom GP Fizzytabs are the other formulation of beneficial Trichoderma available from Custom Biologicals. GP Fizzytabs are, quite simply, the most innovative Trichoderma product on the market today.

GP Fizzytabs are small, effervescent tablets that quickly dissolve in water. Each tablet treats .25 acres (about 10,000 square feet). This size is great for small farms, gardeners, or greenhouses. GP fizzytabs come in a tube of 10 tabs and are available here.

Custom Biologicals manufactures a number of biological products for use in agriculture and other industries. Distributor inquires are welcome. Contact us at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz.

Beneficial Microorganisms in Agriculture

Beneficial Microorganisms in Agriculture

Beneficial Microorganims in Agriculture. Here’s a situation where a picture does tell a thousand words.

The picture below is a side by side comparison showing Biota Max™, a biofertilizer, (on the left) and untreated (on the right). This is a great example of the power of using beneficial microorganisms in agriculture, farming, and gardening. 

You’ll notice that the plants on the treated side are much healthier and greener. This is because the root system on the treated side is much more developed. This larger, more developed root system allows the plant to take up nutrients and water more efficiently.

Beneficial Microorganisms in Agriculture

Biota Max side by side field trial. The side on the left used Biota Max.


Beneficial Microorganisms

This field trial used Biota Max™ our unique, effervescent soil treatment. Each Biota Max™ tablet contains billions of beneficial microbes. Both beneficial bacteria and beneficial Trichoderma fungi are contained in the tablet. Included in Biota Max™ are 5 species of Bacillus, 4 species of Trichoderma fungi and Paenibacillus polymyma, a nitrogen fixing bacteria.

Beneficial microorganisms are used in agriculture as both a soil and seed treatment. Beneficial microbes are sometimes called biofertilizers, soil amendments, or soil probiotics.

As the picture so dramatically illustrates, biofertilizers help grow bigger, healthier and more vibrant plants and vegetables. This is why the use of biofertilizers and biological soil amendments is growing in agriculture, farming, and gardening.

Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals, Inc. manufactures a number of innovative microbial products for agriculture, including Biota Max™. We specialize in manufacturing concentrated microbial products. Our  products are ideal for agriculture, farming and gardening.

Dealer and distributor inquires are always welcome. We have both domestic and international distributor agreements available. Private labeling, customized formulations, and protected territories are also available. Protected territories are only available for our international distributors.

Contact CustomBio at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz.



Trichoderma species. Trichoderma viride.

Trichoderma Species used as Biofertilizers

There are several species of Trichoderma fungi that are used as biofertilizers. In this post, we’ll talk about the most commonly used Trichoderma.  We’ll also talk about the benefits of using Trichoderma for farming, agriculture and home gardening.

Trichoderma Fungi

First, some background on Trichoderma fungi, such as Trichoderma viride. Trichoderma species are the most prevalent

Trichoderma viride

Trichoderma fungi on a petri dish.

type of fungi in soils and they are present worldwide in almost all soil types. They are microscopic and are generally considered avirulent plant symbionts. In other words, they form a symbiotic, or mutually beneficial, relationship with plants.

Its this symbiotic relationship that biofertilizers try to exploit. The idea is simple, by adding more Trichoderma the plant receives more benefit.

Benefits of Trichoderma

I’ve discussed the benefits to the plant of Trichoderma in another post, so I’ll just summarize the highlights here.

  • Trichoderma generally increase both root and shoot growth.
  • Improves the nutrient status of the plant
  • Production of growth promoting hormones
  • Phosphate solubilization
  • Increased uptake of minerals such as Cu (copper), Fe(Iron), Zn (Zinc), and Na (Sodium).

Trichoderma Species Used as Biofertilizers

Most of the Trichoderma species listed here provide the benefits from above. I’ll talk a bit about the additional benefits of some of the fungi. It’s important to note that Trichoderma applications can be made as seed treatment, as a foliar treatment, or as a drench treatment.

Trichoderma harzianum increases plant tolerance to environmental factors like drought and high soil salinity. T. harzianum increases mineral absorption.

Trichoderma viride, when used as a seed treatment, increases the germination rate in a number of crops.

Trichoderma reesi has the ability to secrete large amounts of cellulolytic enzymes and has a number of uses in biotechnology. In fact, it is used to create stone washed jeans because of this ability.

Trichoderma koningii is known to increase the growth of seedlings and secretes seed germination factors.

Trichoderma polysporum is normally found in cooler climates and conveys all of the benefits associated with the other Trichoderma fungi.

Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals manufactures a number of Trichoderma based products, including Custom GP. Custom GP is a concentrated liquid biofertilizer containing 4 species of beneficial Trichoderma fungi. Contact Custom for more information about using biofertilizers in agriculture, farming and gardening.

Trichoderma Harzianum Benefits

Trichoderma Harzianum Benefits

Trichoderma Harzianum

Trichoderma harzianum are microscopic fungi found in all soils. They are particularly useful microorganisms and are added to soils in the form of biofertilizers. There are a number of Trichoderma harzianumdifferent Trichoderma species, including Trichoderma Harzianum.

Using biofertilizers enhances soils and increases their productivity. Biofertilizers are especially useful in overworked, over fertilized, or worn out soils.


Trichoderma are known to provide plants with a number of benefits, including:

  • Biocontrol
  • Directly improves root growth
  • Improves plant development
  • Increases plant tolerance against abiotic stresses such as:
    1. Drought
    2. High Salinity
    3. Soils with low fertility
  • Improves overall crop production

There are a number of reasons for these benefits. Trichoderma harzianum is known to colonize the roots of plants and provide plant growth promotion. In fact,

“some strains establish robust and long lasting colonization of root surfaces penetrating into the epidermis. This colonization by T. harzianum frequently enhances root growth development, crop productivity and resistance to abiotic stresses through enhancement of mineral absorption.”Margaret W. Mwangi ; Ethel O. Monda; Sheila A. Okoth; Joyce M. Jefwa

It’s no wonder that commercial preparations of Trichoderma harzianum are becoming more popular. In fact, market research shows that the biofertilizer and agricultural microbials business is exploding.

Commercial Products Containing Trichoderma

There are a number of commercial products containing Trichoderma. Custom Biologicals manufactures Custom GP, a biological soil amendment. Custom GP is a highly concentrated liquid product containing 4 species of Trichoderma. This powerful biofertilizer can be purchased in our store.

Custom GP comes in two formulations; liquid concentrate and in a tablet. Both formulation include the four species of Trichoderma and will improve the soil conditions and microbial populations of all soils.

The liquid concentrated form of Custom GP is OMRI certified as an organic imput.

Biota Max™ also contains Trichoderma species. Biota Max™ is a unique soil probiotic that contains both beneficial soil Trichoderma and beneficial soil bacteria.

Custom Biologicals manufactures and distributes a wide variety of biological products for use in agriculture as well as a number of industries. Contact Custom at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz.

Trichoderma Biofertilizer

Trichoderma Biofertilizer

Commercial Trichoderma biofertilizers are becoming more common and more misunderstood. In this post, I’ll discuss the use of beneficial Trichoderma fungi as a biofertilizer.


Trichoderma are a microscopic fungi that are naturally present in most soils. To insure high populations of Trichoderma or to replenish populations lost to over farming, Trichodema can be added to soils by the use of Trichoderma biofertilizers. These fertilizers have a number of important benefits to the plant:

  • Reduces the use of traditional fertilizers (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium). Reduces the pollution from overuse of NPK.
  • Improves plant growth, crop yield, and nutritional quality.
  • Form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots increasing tolerance to plant stress such as drought.
  • Production and release of beneficial plant growth hormones.
  • Takes advantage of microbe plant interactions.

Trichoderma Biofertilizer

Trichoderma biofertilizers have been used successfully with a number of crops including tomatoes, corn, rice, sorghum, soybeans and peppers.

Custom Biologicals manufactures and distributes three products that contain Trichoderma Trichoderma Biofertilizerfungi; Custom GP, Biota Max™ and Custom GP Fizzytabs.

All three products are Trichoderma biofertilizers and contain 4 species of beneficial Trichoderma fungi. They include:

  1. Trichoderma harzianium
  2. Trichoderma viride
  3. Trichoderma koningii
  4. Trichoderma polysporum

All three products are designed as soil conditioners. That is they are to help improve soil conditions by increasing the populations of beneficial soil microorganisms.

Custom GP is a liquid concentrate and contains 4 species of beneficial fungi. Custom GP is also available as a fizzytab.

Biota Max™ contains both beneficial Trichoderma and beneficial soil bacteria. As a combination product, Biota Max™ is unique to the biofertilizer industry. Each tablet treats 1/4 acre or 1/10 hectare. Biota Max™ is equally useful in the home garden and the commercial farm. Great as a seed treatment too!

More information about Trichoderma biofertilizers can be obtained by contacting Custom Biologicals at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz.

We’re always looking for new distributors, both domestic and international. Here’s a link to our distributor information.

Beneficial Soil Fungi To Improve Your Soil

beneficial soil microorganims

 Beneficial Soil Fungi To Improve Your Soil


Beneficial Soil Fungi


Beneficial Soil fungi are available in Custom GP, by Custom Biologicals. After years of harsh treatment, your garden soils

beneficial soil fungi

Custom GP contains beneficial soil fungi.

need to replenish the natural microorganisms. Custom GP is just the right thing to improve the condition of your soils. Beneficial soil fungi are not only biofertilizers, but they work as soil conditioners too!

Buy Custom GP Here

Custom GP has a number of benefits including; increased crop yields, increase plant growth and increase root size and root health.

Beneficial Soil Fungi in Custom GP


Custom GP contains 4 species of beneficial soil fungi of the genus Trichoderma. Check out competitive products and you’ll see that most contain only one or two species of Trichoderma.

Custom GP, manufactured by Custom Biologicals, is designed to help improve soil conditions by increasing the population of beneficial soil microorganisms.

Distributor inquires are always welcome. 

Custom GP, and most of our products, can be private labeled. Here’s some more information about distributor opportunities with Custom Biologicals. If you are distributing biological products, you owe it to yourself to contact Custom. You’ll be glad you did!

Custom GP Availability

Custom GP is a highly concentrated, liquid formulation. There is no need to ship large quantities of water. We ship concentrated products because concentrates save you time and money.

Custom GP is available in two sizes; 50 ml and 1 Liter. The 50 ml size is designed to treat 2.5 acres (1 Hectare) and the 1 Liter size treats 50 acres (20 Hectares).

Additionally, Custom GP works with a number of crops including peppers, tomatoes, corn, squash, and many more.

Contact Custom Biologicals for more information about Custom GP. Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of biological products for use in the environmental and agricultural industries.