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Biochar Application

Biochar Application

So you’ve read the web pages and now you’re ready to get started charging your Biochar with BiotaMax™. This post will give you step by step instructions on charging your Biochar with BiotaMax™.

Biochar Application with Biota Max.

Step 1 – Buy enough BiotaMax™ to completely treat your Biochar. 1 tablet will treat

Biochar application

Biochar Application is Eco Friendly

1000 square meters or 1/4 acre. So for each 1000 square meters, you’ll need one BiotaMax™ tablet. Here’s the link to buy Biotamax™. Please note that there is a place for a discount at checkout. Click here. 

After you receive your BiotaMax™, you’ll need to dissolve the tablet in at least 6 liters of water. You may use more water if necessary. The BiotaMax™ tablet will completely dissolve in less than 5 minutes. Make sure to stir or mix the contents for equal distribution of the beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi in the BiotaMax™.

Make sure your Biochar has been ground to its proper size.

Spray the Biochar with the liquid BiotaMax™ with enough liquid to completely cover the pile of Biochar. Let soak for 5-10 minutes.

Turn the pile of Biochar with a shovel, spray again and let it soak.

Repeat the operation until the entire pile of Biochar has been in contact with the liquid BiotaMax™.

Apply the Biochar as you normally would.

That’s it! You’ve successfully charged your Biochar with the beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi in BiotaMax™.

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What is Biochar?

What is Biochar?

What is Biochar? Biochar is simply the carbonization of biomass, essentially charcoal.  Heating biomass from vegetable and animal waste with little or no oxygen at a suitable temperature produces Biochar.

When used as a soil amendment, Biochar improves soil function by holding carbon, making soils more fertile, and providing a permanent habitat for soil microorganisms. Biochar holds carbon and other nutrients because of it’s unique structure, full of pores and surface area. It is an excellent habitat for beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi. This nutrient holding property of Biochar is particularly useful in areas that flood often or farm lands What is Biocharthat have been over farmed.

Want to learn how to charge Biochar?

Further, because of this unique holding property, Biochar  has the ability to attracting and hold moisture, nutrients, and important chemicals, specifically nitrogen and phosphorous. As every farmer knows, nitrogen is one of the most important chemicals but it tends to run-off regular soils thus upsetting ecosystem balance in nearby streams and ponds. Biochar holds gasses as well; recent research has proven that Biochar enriched soils reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (NO2) emissions by 50-80%. Both nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide are problem greenhouse gasses.

Benefits of Biochar

The use of Biochar will increase crop yields and improve soil fertility for the long run – not just for one season. Biochar remains in the soil and a single application can provide benefits for years.

Many years of research has shown that Biochar stimulates a wide variety of beneficial soil microorganisms. The pores in the Biochar provide a habitat for the microorganisms by protecting them from drying and providing them with a long-term carbon source. A carbon source is essential for bacteria and fungi to thrive and multiply.

Charge Biochar

Biochar is often charged, sometimes called activated, by using compost, compost tea or better yet with Biota Max. There are a number of disadvantages to charging Biochar with compost discussed – here.

While there are many other discussions to be had about “What is Biochar”, this post has been intended to give the reader a first look at its unique properties.

Activating Biochar with BiotaMax

Activating Biochar with BiotaMax™

Why Biochar Needs to be Activated?

To get the most benefit from Biochar it needs to be activated or charged with microorganisms and/or nutrients. Biochar has unique qualities that provide an ideal habitat for beneficial soil microorganisms. Specifically, its high porosity, cation exchange capacity, and chemical composition quickly provide a permanent micro-habitat for the


Biota Max for Biochar

essential, beneficial soil microorganisms.

There’s a link to the full Activating Biochar brochure at the bottom of the page. 

When raw Bio char is added to the soil without activation, a flow of microorganisms and nutrients will take place from the soil to the Bio char. This process has the immediate effect of robbing the soil of these critical components – at least temporarily. The charging from soil microorganisms may take anywhere from 3 months to one year (or longer) depending on the presence and concentrations of the indigenous microorganisms. During this activation period, soils will be deficient of the beneficial soil microorganisms and crop yields will be reduced.

On the other hand, when Biochars are activated with Biota Max before being added to the soil, the beneficial microorganisms are transmitted immediately from Biochar to the soil. The beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi in Biota Max immediately start to improve the soil, resulting in bigger, healthier roots and more productive crops.

Advantage of Activating with Biota Max

Activating with BiotaMax™ has a number of advantages:

  • Biota Max™ contains beneficial bacteria and beneficial Trichoderma fungi needed by plants to grow healthier root systems.
  • Bio char activated with BiotaMax™ goes to work IMMEDIATELY improving the condition of the soil.
  • To be most effective, it needs to be activated. Compost is too slow and produces very inconsistent results.
  • Biota Max™ can be applied, safely, easily,  and cost effectively, to Biochar in a matter of minutes – there is no need to wait for compost to mature.
  • Biota Max™ comes in a highly concentrated, easy to handle, effervescent tablet.
  • One Biota Max™ tablet can charge enough to treat 1000 square meters or ¼ acre.
  • Eliminates the use of manure as a compost source. Manure can contain antibiotics, insecticides, fungicides, or worse – pathogenic (disease causing) microorganisms.

Order Biota Max™ for your Biochar – TODAY


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