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Biofertilizers as Farm Fertilizers

Farm fertilizers

Biofertilizers as Farm Fertilizers

Farm fertilizers come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. Biofertilizers are a type of farm fertilizer that is gaining in popularity and the use of biofertilizers is expected to continue in the coming years.


Biofertilizers are living microorganisms. These microorganisms convey many benefits to

Farm fertilizers

Biofertilizers as Farm Fertilizers

plants including, increased nutrient uptake, phosphate solubilization, and the product of plant growth hormones, phytohormones.

Multiple types of microorganisms are used as biofertilizers such as Trichoderma fungi and bacteria. Biofertilizers are beneficial soil microorganisms.


Benefits of Using Biofertilizers

Bio fertilizers will help plants grow larger, healthier plants. In turn, these healthier plants will produce more and larger fruits and vegetables.

The greatest benefit of bio-fertilizers is the effect of beneficial microorganisms on the root system of the plant. The beneficial microorganisms form a synergistic relationship with the plants’ roots. This help the plant grow larger, healthier, and better developed roots. This allow the plant greater access to nutrients and water. Both key elements in plants growth.

Commercial Biofertilizers for Farms

There are a number of commercial Bio Fertilizers for farms available. Custom Biologicals

Farm Fertilizers

Farm Biofertilizers increase root size of plants.

manufactures several of these products.

Custom GP – Custom GP is a highly, concentrated liquid fertilizer containing four different types of beneficial Trichoderma fungi. Trichoderma fungi have a number of benefits for plants. This product is available in 50 ml and 1 liter sizes.

Custom B5 – Custom B5 is a liquid concentrate containing 5 types of beneficial soil bacteria. These beneficial microorganisms can replace the natural soil biota.

Custom N2 – Custom N2 contains a microorganism capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen, Paenibacillus polymyxa. This extraordinary microbe helps reduce the amount of traditional Nitrogen fertilizer (N) needed at farms.

Custom Biologicals manufactures a number of biological products for farming, agriculture and gardening.

Distributor inquires are welcome. Contact CustomBio™ at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@CustomBio.biz.


Trichoderma species. Trichoderma viride.

Trichoderma Species used as Biofertilizers

There are several species of Trichoderma fungi that are used as biofertilizers. In this post, we’ll talk about the most commonly used Trichoderma.  We’ll also talk about the benefits of using Trichoderma for farming, agriculture and home gardening.

Trichoderma Fungi

First, some background on Trichoderma fungi, such as Trichoderma viride. Trichoderma species are the most prevalent

Trichoderma viride

Trichoderma fungi on a petri dish.

type of fungi in soils and they are present worldwide in almost all soil types. They are microscopic and are generally considered avirulent plant symbionts. In other words, they form a symbiotic, or mutually beneficial, relationship with plants.

Its this symbiotic relationship that biofertilizers try to exploit. The idea is simple, by adding more Trichoderma the plant receives more benefit.

Benefits of Trichoderma

I’ve discussed the benefits to the plant of Trichoderma in another post, so I’ll just summarize the highlights here.

  • Trichoderma generally increase both root and shoot growth.
  • Improves the nutrient status of the plant
  • Production of growth promoting hormones
  • Phosphate solubilization
  • Increased uptake of minerals such as Cu (copper), Fe(Iron), Zn (Zinc), and Na (Sodium).

Trichoderma Species Used as Biofertilizers

Most of the Trichoderma species listed here provide the benefits from above. I’ll talk a bit about the additional benefits of some of the fungi. It’s important to note that Trichoderma applications can be made as seed treatment, as a foliar treatment, or as a drench treatment.

Trichoderma harzianum increases plant tolerance to environmental factors like drought and high soil salinity. T. harzianum increases mineral absorption.

Trichoderma viride, when used as a seed treatment, increases the germination rate in a number of crops.

Trichoderma reesi has the ability to secrete large amounts of cellulolytic enzymes and has a number of uses in biotechnology. In fact, it is used to create stone washed jeans because of this ability.

Trichoderma koningii is known to increase the growth of seedlings and secretes seed germination factors.

Trichoderma polysporum is normally found in cooler climates and conveys all of the benefits associated with the other Trichoderma fungi.

Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals manufactures a number of Trichoderma based products, including Custom GP. Custom GP is a concentrated liquid biofertilizer containing 4 species of beneficial Trichoderma fungi. Contact Custom for more information about using biofertilizers in agriculture, farming and gardening.

PGPB – Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria


Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria, or PGPB, are a major factor in determining plant health, plant productivity and overall soil fertility.

What are PGPB?

Plant growth promoting bacteria, present in the rhizosphere, are beneficial soil bacteria that enhance plant growth and reduce the abiotic stresses through a variety of mechanisms.

Since these beneficial bacteria are found in the rhizosphere, you will sometimes see the term PGPR, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, used.

Several plant microbe interactions are generally classified as PGPB including:PGPB Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria

  • Phosphate solubilization
  • Biological nitrogen fixation
  • The production of phytohormones
  • ACC deaminase activity
  • The production of siderophores

Benefits of PGPB’s

There are several specific benefits to  the plant of plant growth promoting bacteria, including; increased agronomic activity, reduced overall production costs, and reduced environmental pollution.

Increased agronomic activity is the goal of every farmer, both commercial and home gardener. The use of PGBR increases root size and root strength in plants. In turn, these healthier roots help produce stronger, more productive plants.

The reduction in environmental pollution is achieved because less traditional fertilizers (N,P,K) are generally needed when sufficient amounts of plant growth promoting bacteria are added. This means that the fertilizers are used more efficiently. This efficient usage reduces costs and fertilizer runoff issues. Less use of N,P,K, means less fertilizers wash away. Since fertilizer runoff is a major environmental issue, use of PGPB reduces this problem.

For beneficial bacteria to be effective, several factors must be considered:

  • Overall soil condition, including soil pH, water, minerals, soil porosity
  • Extent of bacterial colonization of the root zone
  • Amount and types of plant exudates

The Future of Beneficial Microbes

Plant growth promoting bacteria have only recently become of interest to scientists and farmers. Over the next decade, I fully expect much more research will be done in this promising area.It is worth noting that by 2019, the agricultural microbials market is expected to reach 2.45 Billion USD.

Commercial Products

Custom Biological manufactures both Custom B5 and Custom N2. Both if these products are PGPB’s. Additionally, Biota Max™ contains both plant growth promoting bacteria and plant growth promoting fungi.

Custom Biologicals has been producing beneficial microorganisms for over 25 years. Distributor inquiries are always welcome. Contact CustomBio at (561)797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz.

Biota Max and Rice

BIota Max works with rice

Rice Biofertilizer Field Trial


Biofertilizers and Rice are the topic of this field study. Its worth noting that Biota Max™, a unique biofertilizer, can be used on almost all crops. However, rice is one the main crops worldwide so its the topic here.

Biota Max

Biota Max™ is a unique probiotic that is particularly useful with rice. BiotaMax is an effervescent tablet that contains billions of beneficial soil microorganisms. In fact, Biota Max contains both beneficial soil bacteria and beneficial soil fungi.

Biota Max is a biological soil amendment and biofertilizer. Biota Max helps the rice plant grow stronger, healthier roots thereby creating stronger, healthier plants. Biota Max™ is equally useful in both commercial farms and backyard gardens.

The picture below shows the typical difference between treated and untreated roots. You’ll note that the treated roots are larger and more developed. And, as every farmer knows, a bigger root system allows for a healthier plant and a more productive harvest.

Biota Max™ is a unique effervescent tablet. Once dissolved in water, each tablet will treat 1/4 acre or 1/10 hectare of rice.

Buy Biota Max HERE

Biota Max™ advantages for Rice

Biota Max™ has several important advantages for rice.

  • Better Grain Quality
  • Less Grain Fragmentation
  • Greater Stress Resistance
  • Increased Rice Production
  • Less use of traditional fertilizers

Biota Max™ and Rice

Rice biofertilizer can be applied at three different times to rice; as a seed treatment, at the time of transplanting the rice, and as a soil treatment. Each application time has specific application instructions. Email me at Bill@Custombio.biz for application instructions. Both applications work well and will improve the quality and quantity of the harvest.

Below, is a short brochure about Biota Max™ and rice. Note the increases in yield based on when Biota Max™ is applied in the rice growth cycle.

Rice Biofertilizer Results

For seed to soil treatment, Biota Max increased the yield 6-12%. For transplant into healthy soils the rice yield increased 10-20%. Most impressively, for rice transplant into unhealthy soils the yield increased 20-55 percent. Note that all transplants were done by hand.

Rice Biofertilizer

Biota Max and Rice

Biota Max™ is a rice biofertilizer and is manufactured and distributed by Custom Biologicals. Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of biological products. We’re always looking for new distributors. Contact Custom for more information at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz.

Nitrogen Fixing Product Case Study

Green Soybean Case Study With Custom N2

Role of Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria

Custom N2 is a nitrogen fixing product that increases the nitrogen content of the soil. The role of notrogen fixing bacteriaN2 contains a nitrogen fixing bacteria Paenibacillus polymyxa. This beneficial soil bacteria takes atmospheric nitrogen (N2) and converts it to ammonium. The ammonium is then usable to the plant.

Nitrogen fixation is a vital process for the plant as nitrogen is a key element in plant growth.

Custom N2 improves root size and root health. This healthier root allows the plant to take up additional nutrients thereby improving overall yield and quality of the crop.

Green Soybean Case Study

Green soybean, called edamame in the United States, needs a large quantity of nitrogen to grow and produce crop. In this case study, we added Custom N2 and had a much larger yield of edamame.

Custom N2 Improves Roots

Use of Custom N2, improves roots in green soybeans, edamame, and other crops. Notice  the case study in the final picture, the root on the right has been treated with Custom N2. The root on the right is the untreated control. The treated root is larger and has more offshoots. Its easy to see why this treated plant will thrive and perform better than the untreated plant.

Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals manufactures a number of biological products for use in agriculture, farming and gardening including, biofertilizers, soil inoculants and biological seed treatments. Contact Custom directly at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz for additional information.

Custom N2 is a liquid concentrate containing the nitrogen fixing bacteria, Paenibacillus polymyxa. N2 is available in two sizes 50ml and 1 L. The 50 ml size treats 2.5 acres (1 Hectare) and the 1 Liter size treats 50 acres (20 Hectare). Custom N2 can be combined with some of our other biological products including Custom B5.

The role of nitrogen fixing bacteria.


Download (PDF, Unknown)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Biofertilizers and Custom Biologicals

Biofertilizers and Custom Biologicals


Biofertilizers are compounds that contain microorganisms. These microorganisms colonize the rhizosphere, or root zone, which is the soil directly adjacent to the roots. Biofertilizers

bioferilizer - BIota Max

Biota Max dissolving in water

promote plant growth by increasing the amount of nutrients available to the plant. Its important to note that without beneficial microorganisms, plants would be unable to utilize many of the nutrients in the soil.



Custom Biologicals and Biological Fertilizers

Custom Biologicals manufactures both beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi. We have a number of biofertilizer products including:

Biota Max™ – Unique biofertilizer, effervescent tablet containing 10 species of beneficial microorganisms.

Custom GP – Concentrated Liquid Trichoderma Blend. Contains 4 species of beneficial soil fungi. Also available as a tablet.

Custom B5. – Concentrated Liquid Bacillus Biofertilizer. Contains 5 species of beneficial soil bacteria.

Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PBPR)

An important type of biological fertilizers are the Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria or PBPR. The PBPR help with nitrogen fixation, nutrient solubilization, and stimulating p


Biota Max – Bio fertilizer

lant growth

through the production of plant hormones, such as auxins.

Custom Biologicals manufactures a number of bio-fertilizers, like  Biota Max™. Biota Max contains both beneficial soil bacteria and beneficial soil fungi. This unique product helps grow healthier, more productive plants and plant root systems.

How Bio-fertilizers Help Plants.

In general, biofertilizers take advantage of natural microbe plant interactions. As already discussed, bio-fertilizers help the plant fix nitrogen, solubilize nutrients (particularly phosphorus), and stimulate plant growth. Additionally, biological fertilizers help build organic matter and restore the natural soil nutrient recycling system.

Generally, bio-fertilizers reduce the need for traditional fertilizers and reduce the runoff of fertilizers. This reduced runoff is important as phosphorus and nitrogen contamination of lakes and streams is becoming an important environmental concern.

Importantly, biofertilizers form a symbiotic relationship with plant root systems. These beneficial microorganisms convert nutrients into a form that can be utilized by the plant. Beneficial microorganisms produce a number of plant hormones and plant growth factors that have a very positive effect on plant growth and plant productivity.

Biofertilizers tend to be cost effective compared to traditional fertilizers and a 20-30% costs savings can be seen in some field trials.

Private labeling of our products is available and we can customize a biofertilizer to fit your needs.

Contact Custom Biologicals at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz.