Trichoderma for Plants

Beneficial Trichoderma fungi convey many benefits to plants. In fact, microbe plant interactions are often beneficial to the plant and in turn, beneficial to both farmers and gardeners. Creating a healthy soil includes having plenty of beneficial microbes and beneficial soil fungi.

This post will talk about the plant growth promotion benefits of these beneficial fungi and Trichoderma for plants.

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Basics of Beneficial Fungi

First, lets start at the beginning. Trichoderma are microscopic, free living fungi typically Trichodermafound in the root zone (rhizosphere) of many plants. They are common inhabitants of both the root and soil ecosystems. They are generally thought of as opportunistic, avirulent plant symbionts. In other words, they don’t cause plant diseases and they are generally helpful to plants.

In fact, some species are able to colonize and grow on roots as the roots develop. For this reason, many applications  are either as seed treatments or applied as to the root system early in the growing cycle as possible. Transplant applications can be very useful as well.

Since many fungal species have a number of benefits for plants, there are a number of words use to describe these benefits such as; biofertilizer, soil probiotic, soil inoculant, biological soil enhancement and plant growth promoting fungi.

Plant Growth Promotion

For many years, it has been known that many beneficial fungi help with plant growth promotion. They, along with multiple species of Mycorrhiza, are considered plant growth promoting fungi (PGPF).

Enhanced root development has been seen in a number of crops including, soy beans, corn, tomatoes,

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peppers and rice to name a few.

Root development is key to a plants early survival as well as its nutrient uptake as the plant begins to mature. All gardeners and farmers know, that a plant with a good root system will become a healthy, productive plant.

Along with enhanced root development, beneficial soil fungi convey some additional specific benefits to plants:

  • Phosphate solubility – making phosphorus more readily available to the plant.
  • Enhanced root biomass production and enhanced root hair production.
  • Production of phytohormones – both auxins and cytokinins. These compounds are plant growth promoters.
  • Higher tolerance of the plant to stress. Including water stress.
  • Produce cellulose to break down wood
  • Produce chitinase

All of these benefits ensure a healthier, more efficient root system, a healthier plant and a more productive crop.

Trichoderma product
Trichoderma fungi on a petri dish.

Trichoderma and Other Microbes

Trichodermas work well with other microbes. Mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria also live and multiply in the rhizosphere. Together, these microorganisms make a healthy soil. Healthy, natural soils create healthy root systems and more productive plants.

Commercial Products of Custom Biologicals

There are a number of commercial products, including Custom GP by Custom Biologicals and Biota Max™  that contain beneficial soil fungi.

Custom GP is unique among the commercial formulations:

  • Custom GP is a highly concentrated biological product
  • It contains the four most important species of beneficial soil fungi.
  • Concentrated formulation allows for domestic and international shipping.
  • Custom GP is available to two sizes; a 50 ml size that treats 2.5 acres and a one liter size that treats 50 acres.
  • Custom GP is also available as a fizzytab, GP fizzytabs. This unique formulation is available in tubes of 10 fizzytabs. Each fizzytab contains enough beneficial Trichoderma to treat 1/4 acres.

How to Use Trichoderma

The best way to use Trichoderma is to apply as early in growing cycle as possible. Spray in furrow or apply as a foliar spray. At transplant is a great time to apply as well.

Don’t apply with fungicides! Remember Trichoderma is a fungi. If fungicides are used, wait at least one week before apply Trichoderma products.

Complete Custom GP Application Instructions

Trichoderma as a Seed Treatment

Sometimes called bio-priming, seed treatment with Trichoderma is as simple as it is effective. Simply soak seeds in a product solutions before planting. A soak of an hour or so will be sufficient. This will get the Trichoderma benefits, as well as increase germination rates and germination times.

Custom GP

Custom GP contains:

  • Trichoderma harzanium
  • Trichoderma viride
  • Trichoderma koningii
  • Trichoderma polysporum

More Information about Trichoderma

Trichoderma have a number of direct benefits to the plant. Should you need additional information about Trichoderma or about Custom GP, please contact me directly at

Biota Max™ contains Trichoderma

In addition to Custom GP, Custom Biologicals manufactures Biota Max™. Biota Max™ contains both the beneficial soil fungi listed above and beneficial soil bacteria. Together these microorganisms act as a soil probiotic, producing healthier roots, increasing plant growth, and increasing crop yield.

Biota Max™  is an effervescent tablet that dissolves in a matter of minutes. Within each tablet, is billions of beneficial soil micro organisms.

Biota Max™ is excellent for home gardens as well as commercial farms. Grow bigger, healthier crops with Biota Max™.

More Information about Trichoderma for Plants

Beneficial fungi have a number of direct benefits to the plant. Trichoderma for plants should be your plan for your home garden, green house or commercial farm. Should you need additional information about Trichoderma or about Custom GP, please contact me directly at

Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of environmentally safe products for use in a number of industries, including agriculture. Contact Custom for more information at (561) 797-3008.

Some of our products are available for private labeling. Drop shipping is always available.

Custom Biologicals is always looking for new distributors, both domestic and international. The biofertilizer and soil probiotic market is exploding. If you or your company is interested in exploring this exciting growth market, Contact us at or at (561) 797-3008.

Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of biological products for use in a number of industries including, agriculture, wastewater, and bioremediation. Here’s a link to a complete list of our products.

Trichoderma for plants has been the focus of this page.



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