Whats New!!

Custom Biologicals

Whats New!

Here’s the spot where I’ll add new products and new ideas.

Check back often as this page will be updated.

FYI, most of our best ideas come from customers and distributors. If you have an idea for a product or have a problem with no solution, ask us we’d be happy to try to help.


Custom N2 now available online.

Custom N2 contains the nitrogen fixing bacteria Paenibacilllus polymyxa. Its available online in a highly concentrated liquid form and includes FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

Buy Custom N2 – Here

Custom Products now available in Europe!

Custom Biologicals is proud to announce that two of our biofertilizers, Agriwonder and Solum Natural – Green Tabs, will be available in Europe (EU countries) beginning in July of this year.  We are currently looking for European Distributors for these products. Both of these products have EU registrations. Here’s more information…




Custom GP Tabs

Custom GP Tabs – Custom GP tabs contain 4 species of Trichoderma fungi. The tabs are a unique, effervescent tablet that quickly dissolves in water. After dissolving, each tablet contains enough Trichoderma to treat 1/4 acre with the beneficial soil fungi.


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