4 Major Benefits of Composting

Composting has many advantages besides just being a great way to minimize household waste. It can truly contribute to your garden becoming healthier and richer, control your water and rubbish collection bills and contribute to preserving nature’s resources. More information about the most significant benefits of composting is provided below:

1. Saves you money by reducing your rubbish billsBenefits of composting

Waste control means also balancing bills. Making compost from your organic rubbish instead of throwing it in the bin in front of your house can really cut your waste removal expenses. To make sure that you are allowed to create compost in your home, it would be a good idea to check with the regulations and laws of your residential area. If you are running to the garbage lot after every garden clearance to dispose of all the garden waste collected, using compost instead will be financially beneficial, as it will cut the rubbish removal costs.

2. Decreases water consumption

Applying compost to your garden beds will help them retain moisture which will decrease their need of watering. The compost will prevent the soil from drying out for a longer period and thus your water bills will become lower too. Of course, you cannot rely solely on the compost to provide all the moisture needed for your plants, but your water savings will be considerable. This leads us to the next point. Plus, the miniature critters which live in the compost dissolve green waste, manure and other agents which are possible to pollute water if they transfuse into a water source.

3. Composting preserves natural resources

Not only water savings, but the conservation of many other natural resources can be improved by composting. The less rubbish goes to landfills, the cleaner air will all living creatures breathe. Environmental pollution is an extremely serious issue nowadays and every single step towards recycling, reusing and conservation of energy and other resources is a step towards preserving our planet. If you show and teach your kids how to make compost for your family’s garden, you will also introduce them to a truly eco-friendly activity which can be very educational. Furthermore, your garden’s productivity will increase considerably due to the improved soil quality. You will not need to buy nutritive chemicals and your produce will be organic and free of the toxins in the synthetic fertilizers that inevitably build up in the ground.

4. Prevents most plant diseasesBenefits of composting

Gardening professionals say that almost all of the gardens treated with compost suffer from significantly fewer diseases and pest issues. The plants grow stronger due to the combination of the natural elements N-nitrogen, P-phosphorous and K-potassium that the compost provides. This makes insects and disease control much easier and prevents them from spreading, thus overrunning the soil and the greenery in your garden. Applying a layer of compost is also a great way to neutralize the soil’s pH and thus improve your garden’s ability to fight invaders and diseases. Compost is not only an excellent eco-friendly pesticide, but also costs much less than the commercial ones.

There are many proofs of both long-term and instant benefits of making and using compost. So in case you haven’t started composting on your own yet, do not hesitate to try this method by choosing a composting system which will be suitable for you. Select the materials for your compost depending on your garden’s problems and needs and enjoy the healthy products from this eco- and budget-friendly activity.

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