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Agriculture Solution – Beneficial Trichoderma

Agriculture Solution – Beneficial Trichoderma


Agriculture Solution

Agriculture and farming have a problem, too much reliance on traditional farming techniques. Each year they add more and more fertilizers and pesticides. The costs of the inputs keep going up and the profit margins keep thinning. Here’s a agriculture solution.

Trichoderma and other biofertilizers are a low cost, environmentally friendly agriculture solution.

Biota Max™ Video

Here’s a great video of Biota Max™ in time lapsed photography. Its important to note that Biota Max contains Trichoderma and is a great agriculture solution.

Trichoderma – Biofertilizer

Trichoderma are a widely present, naturally occurring, beneficial soil fungi. The use of Trichoderma for plants growth is a natural process that has developed over thousands of years. In fact, Trichoderma are one of the most common microorganisms found in nature.

Trichoderma are early colonizers of plant root systems and are well known to directly promote plant growth. They do this by increasing the beneficial microbial activity in the rhizosphere. The rhizosphere is the zone of stimulated microbial activity around the plants roots.


Trichoderma for plants

Custom GP contains Trichoderma for plants.

There are a number of Trichoderma species that are currently used in biofertilizer programs. Biofertilizers are the addition of specific microorganisms, generally bacteria or fungi, to the soil  to increase the activity of the beneficial microorganisms. In the case of Trichoderma, biofertilizers are used to add beneficial soil fungi to increase root mass and plant health for a season long effect. In published university studies, roots colonized by Trichoderma have been shown to increase corn root and shoot growth by 66%.

Growth Stimulation by Trichoderma

Growth stimulation by Trichoderma is very complex and is effected by a wide variety of interactions with several biochemicals. The use of Trichoderma for plants growth is known to:

  • Help processing essential organic and inorganic nutrients for the plant including; phosphorus, nitrogen, copper, calcium, molybdenum, zinc, magnesium, iron. This processing allows the plant roots to absorb the nutrients and allows the nutrients to be mobile within the plant. 
  • Help balance water absorption
  • Breakdown and transfer organic nutrients that are left over after harvest.
  • Causes competition with plant pathogens for water and nutrients
  • Bioremediate toxic organic chemicals such as fungicides, hydrocarbons, and pesticides.
  • Trichoderma are very efficient in the production of the enzyme cellulase. Cellulase is an enzyme  that is known to degrade chitin and hemicellulose.
  • Microbe-Plant Interaction – This is an important factor that increases the plants ability to utilize nutrients.

Custom GP Contains Trichoderma for Plants Growth

Custom GP, by Custom Biologicals, contains 4 species of Trichoderma fungi. These fungi have been specifically selected because of ability to enhance soil productivity.

Custom GP is available as a liquid concentrate and as a fast dissolving, fizzytab. Both formulations contain the same beneficial Trichoderma fungi.

Custom GP is a Trichoderma soil amendment that contains:

Custom GP is a highly concentrated soil amendment containing Trichoderma species for Plants Growth.

Custom Biologicals

For more information, Contact Custom Biologicals at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz. Custom Biologicals, CustomBio, manufactures and distributes a wide variety of biological products for use in a number of industries; including agriculture, septic tank maintenance, and wastewater treatment.



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