B5 Fizzy Fertilizer Tabs Instructions

B5 Fizzy Fertilizer Tabs

Application Instructions

Many different application methods are available. Please use the method that are best for your location and your equipment.

B5 Fizzy Fertilizer Tabs

Standard Application – Root Growth:

fizzy fertilizer tabs
Fizzy fertilizer tab dissolving in water

1.  Each tab will treat 1/4 acre.

2. First,  calculate the water needed – make sure and use enough water to completely cover the area to be treated.

        For small gardens, use 1 quart of water (minimum).

        For larger areas, use 1 gallon or more.

3.     Add 1 B5 fizzy Tab to the water – allow 2-3 minutes to dissolve.   The dissolving tablet mixes the product for you!

        (use a partial tablet for very small projects – break the tablet as needed)

4.     Spray the soil evenly around the base of plants  (mist setting gives better distribution)

5.     Plant height determines spray area:

Spray within the drip line, or:

    • 1-2 feet high – spray 1 foot around plant
    • 3-5 feet high – spray 2 feet around plant
    • 6-10 feet high – spray 3 feet around plant
    • 11-20 feet high – spray 4-5 feet around plan
    • over 20 feet, spray 6-9 feet around plant

After treating use the remaining product within 2 weeks. Unused tablets should be sealed in a “baggie” or other air tight container and placed in a refrigerator.


Apply early if possible!  Growing roots gain the best benefits!

Apply at the same time as fertilizers!

DO NOT apply at the same time as fungicides or other chemicals!!

B5 Fizzy fertilizer tabs are manufactured and distributed by Custom Biologicals. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Custom.

Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of biofertilizers, soil probiotics, Trichoderma products and other environmentally friendly products for agricultural and home garden use.

Custom can be reached at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz.