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Bigger Roots, Better Plants – Biota Max

Bigger Roots Better Plants – Biota Max

Bigger Roots

Want Bigger Roots – Use Biota Max. In the picture, the plant with Biota Max is on the left and the control, with no Biota Max, on the right.

Bigger Roots Better Plants – Biota Max™. Buy Biota Max Here. 

Biota Max™

Biota Max™ is a unique, effervescent biofertilizer and soil additive. Each dissolvable tablet contains billions of beneficial soil microbes. These microorganisms have a number of uses for the plant including:

  1. Increase root growth, root size, and root efficiency
  2. Utilize macronutrients more efficiently (N. P, K)
  3. Utilize micronutrients more efficiently
  4. Grow bigger, better plants.
  5. Biofertilizers produce plant growth hormones.

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

The old saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words” is very true for Biota Max™. Look again at the picture above. The root picture on the left used Biota Max™. On the right, is the control where no Biota Max™ was used.

Which roots would you rather have??

Need more visual proof? Here’s some time-lapsed videos showing Biota Max with a few different crops – Use this link.

Best Crops for Biota Max™

Biota Max is effective with almost all crops, ornamentals, and turf. It can be used in greenhouses, farms and gardens.

Some typical crops are:

How to Use Biota Max

Biota Max™ is very easy to use. Here’s a link to detailed instructions.

Custom Biologicals, CustomBio

Custom Biologicals, Inc. manufactures and distributes a number of biofertilizers, probiotics, and soil amendments for the agricultural industry. Additionally, we manufacture biological products for other  industries.

Custom GP is a trichoderma based soil probiotic. Custom B5 is a bacteria based soil probiotic. Both products are liquid concentrates and are used by both farmers and home gardeners.

CustomBio can be reached at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz.

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  1. john owhin says:

    Please be kind as to advice, quote on microbe fertilizer best suitable for tobacco growth.

    1. MrBill says:

      John: Biota Max works great with tobacco. It reduces fertilizer usage and improves crop yield. You can contact me at Bill@Custombio.biz for mor information.

  2. Shah nawaz says:

    e need of this product hole the world also my country is too difisiant in organic mater, Due this problem all living
    Plant s, Animals&Humen ore suffering in different dieses I want to do strugal against &. Also business I believe SERVIVIL OF LIVING in ORGANIC,
    My intrest in this product for business
    Import & distribution wating for your response.thank you

    1. MrBill says:

      Thanks for your interest in our biological products. Yes our products are very useful in sustainable agriculture.

  3. Shailesh says:

    Biota max is effective for soyaben crop? How

    1. MrBill says:

      Biota Max is very effective for soybeans. Great root growth can be seen by using Biota Max. Here’s a link to some videos that show enhanced root growth when using Biota Max. Thanks

    2. MrBill says:

      Hi Shailesh: Biota Max increased root mass in soybeans. Here’s a great video that shows enhanced root growth and Biota Max.

  4. Kurt Heintz says:

    Can this economically be used on a large-scale pasture practices

    1. MrBill says:

      Hi Kurt:

      Biofertilizers can, and are being used successfully and economically in large-scale pastures. Contact me at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz for more information.

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