Biofertilizers as Farm Fertilizers

Farm fertilizers come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. Biofertilizers are a type of farm fertilizer that is gaining in popularity and the use of biofertilizers is expected to continue in the coming years.


Biofertilizers are living microorganisms. These microorganisms convey many benefits to

Farm fertilizers
Biofertilizers as Farm Fertilizers

plants including, increased nutrient uptake, phosphate solubilization, and the product of plant growth hormones, phytohormones.

Multiple types of microorganisms are used as biofertilizers such as Trichoderma fungi and bacteria. Biofertilizers are beneficial soil microorganisms.


Benefits of Using Biofertilizers

Bio fertilizers will help plants grow larger, healthier plants. In turn, these healthier plants will produce more and larger fruits and vegetables.

The greatest benefit of bio-fertilizers is the effect of beneficial microorganisms on the root system of the plant. The beneficial microorganisms form a synergistic relationship with the plants’ roots. This help the plant grow larger, healthier, and better developed roots. This allow the plant greater access to nutrients and water. Both key elements in plants growth.

Commercial Biofertilizers for Farms

There are a number of commercial Bio Fertilizers for farms available. Custom Biologicals

Farm Fertilizers
Farm Biofertilizers increase root size of plants.

manufactures several of these products.

Custom GP – Custom GP is a highly, concentrated liquid fertilizer containing four different types of beneficial Trichoderma fungi. Trichoderma fungi have a number of benefits for plants. This product is available in 50 ml and 1 liter sizes.

Custom B5 – Custom B5 is a liquid concentrate containing 5 types of beneficial soil bacteria. These beneficial microorganisms can replace the natural soil biota.

Custom N2 – Custom N2 contains a microorganism capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen, Paenibacillus polymyxa. This extraordinary microbe helps reduce the amount of traditional Nitrogen fertilizer (N) needed at farms.

Custom Biologicals, Inc.  manufactures a number of biological products for farming, agriculture and gardening.

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