Types of Biofertilizers Custom Biologicals – Bio Fertilizer

Types of Biofertilizers Custom Biologicals – Bio Fertilizer

types of biofertilizers

Types of biofertilizers of Custom Biologicals


Custom Biologicals manufactures a number of types of biofertilizers and biological products for use in environmental applications. Biofertilizers have a number of benefits for plants, farms, and farmers.

Agricultural products are listed below.

Instead of  the word Biofertilizer you’ll sometimes see these terms:

  • Soil Amendments
  • Soil Probiotics
  • Biological Additives
  • Soil Conditioners
  • Bio fertilizer

Types of Biofertilizers by Custom Biologicals

Custom GP –  Contains 4 strains of beneficial Trichoderma fungi. These fungi have been specifically selected because of their ability to increase soil performance. Custom GP is sold as a liquid concentrate. Custom GP is now available as a fizzytab!

Custom B5 – Contains 5 species of beneficial soil bacteria of the genus Bacillus. These bacteria have been specifically selected because of their ability to enhance soil productivity. Custom GP is available as both a liquid concentrate and as a fizzytab.

Biota Green™ – A unique product for golf courses. Biota Green™ is a probiotic for golf courses. Biota Green™ contains 4 species of beneficial soil fungi and 5 species of beneficial soil bacteria. Biota Green™ is offered as a unique, concentrated fizzytab.

Biota Max™ – Biota Max™ is an all-natural soil probiotic.  Biota Max™ contains the beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi found in healthy, productive soil that helps you to grow bigger and better plants!

Custom N2

Custom N2 contains nitrogen fixing bacteria. Nitrogen fixing bacteria, sometimes called azos, are extremely valuable to plants. In fact, nitrogen fixing bacteria take advantage of microbe-plant interactions in a symbiotic manner.

Biofertilizers can be used in agriculture, farming and home gardening. In fact one of the largest growing segments of the specialty fertilizer industry is Bioferilizers.

Custom BIologicals, Home of Biota Max™

Custom Biologicals has over 25 years of experience in agricultural microbials. We offer protected territories (international only), private labeling, and customized formulations.

Contact Custom Biologicals at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz for more information about our biological products for agriculture. Dealer/Distributor inquires are welcome. 


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  1. We are interested in ordering ab trial batch of a range of your products . We growing organically Moringa Oliefera inn Cambodia where the soil is genrally low on nutirents and acidic with low pH value.

  2. Verry Rainy Warouw says:

    Useful for lecturers and students in agriculture

    1. MrBill says:

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, biofertilizers are valuable in agriculture.

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