Biota Max™ – Unique Soil Inoculant

Unique Soil Inoculant – Biota Max™

Biota Max Soil Inoculant
Biota Max is a unique soil inoculant

Biota Max™ is a unique soil inoculant and biofertilizer manufactured by Custom Biologicals, Inc. Unlike other soil inoculants, Biota Max™ contains both beneficial Trichoderma fungi, and beneficial soil bacteria in an easy-to-use effervescent tablet.

The beneficial microbes in Biota Max™ produce plant hormones that cause the root system of the plant to grow larger. This, in turn, results in larger, healthier plants and a more bountiful harvest.

It’s the effervescent tablet that sets Biota Max™ apart from its competitors.

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Biota Max™ is an Effervescent Tablet

Biota Max™ is a small, effervescent tablet that weighs just a few ounces. But inside this small package are billions of beneficial soil bacteria and Trichoderma fungi. Unlike competitive products, Biota Max™ reduces shipping costs by taking the water out. After all why ship water! That’s why we offer FREE US shipping.

The Beneficial Microbes in Biota Max™

The soil microorganisms in Biota Max™ are just waiting to get into your soil. Once they do they start multiplying. Each tablet contains 10 different species of beneficial microbes. These beneficial microbes are natures way to have healthier, more productive crops.

Here’s the list of beneficial soil microbes in Biota Max;

Beneficial Soil Bacteria in Biota Max

Beneficial Soil Fungi in Biota Max:

Biota Max™ is truly a unique, soil inoculant that can be used by commercial farms, backyard gardens and in greenhouses.

Custom Biologicals – Home of Biota Max

Biota Max™ is manufactured and distributed by Custom Biologicals, Inc. Custom can be reached at or via phone at (561) 797-3008. For questions, there is a contact form below.

Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of biological products. Contact Custom directly for additional information.

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