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Distributing Biota Max – Biofertilizer BiotaMax

Distributing Biota Max ™

Biota Max™

Biota Max™ is a unique biofertilizer manufactured and distributed by Custom Biologicals, Inc. Each BiotaMax effervescent tablet contains billions of beneficial soil microorganisms, both beneficical bacteria

Distributing Biota Max

Grow Bigger, Better Plants with Biota Max

and beneficial Trichoderma. These beneficial soil microbes help gardeners and farmers grow bigger, healthier crops. 

Distributing Biota Max ™

Biota Max™ has been successful in the marketplace because of our great distributors. Not only is BiotaMax great for plants and the environment, it’s also highly profitable for our distributors. In fact, most distributors report that Biota Max™ is their most profitable product.

Distributing Biota Max

Make Money distributing Biota Max.


Why Distribute Biota Max™?

This is the question that all distributors must ask themselves. Our distributors have given us a number of answers. So here’s a quick look at the reasons most often given for why companies distribute Biota Max ™.

  1. High Profitability – Distributors are always most impressed by how profitable Biota Max is. After all, the reason most companies are in business is to make money.
  2. Both Domestic and International Distributorship are available. Biota Max is currently distributed in over 20 countries and 25 US States. For international distribution, we have experience with shipping,  customs and licensing issues that always come up.
  3. Private Labeling – We allow and encourage private labeling of our products. Particularly for international distributors, this is an option that we strongly encourage. Minimum purchase amounts apply for this option.
  4. Protected territories (International only) – This option cab be very valuable for our international distributors. Minimum purchase amounts apply for this option.

These are the main reasons distributors like working with Custom Biologicals. There are other reasons as well such as ease of shipping because of the light weight product and low inventory requirements.

Contact Custom Biologicals about Distributing Biota Max ™

If you or your company is interested in distributing Biota Max, then I would suggest you contact us immediately. You’ll be glad that you did! Custom can be reached at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz.

Custom Biologicals manufactures biological products for a number of industries including agriculture, bioremediation, wastewater, and consumer products. Additionally, we manufacture an entire line of  fizzytabs.

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  1. To Minh Tuyen says:

    Dir Sir/Madam
    I am in VietNam. I am interesting your products.
    pls. contact me.
    Best regards
    To Minh Tuyen

    1. MrBill says:

      Thanks for your interest in our biological products for agriculture. We currently do not have a distributor in Vietnam, although we would like to have one. In the meantime, you can purchase our products online and take advantage of the free shipping.

  2. FREDERICK LOU says:

    PS SEND CATALOG N PRICE LIST.TQ MY EMAIL epabusiness1688@yahoo.com

    1. MrBill says:

      Thanks Frederick. We’re always looking for new distributor relationships. I sent the information you requested to your email address.

  3. What beneficial soil microbes are available to improve lawn health?

    1. MrBill says:

      Nathan – the best product for lawn health is our Biota Max product. It contains both beneficial bacteria and beneficial Trichoderma.

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