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The Importance of Soil Microbes – Soil Microbe

The Importance of Soil Microbes

Here’s an article about a topic near a dear to my heart, the importance of soil microbes. As always, a link to the full article about soil microbe is below.

Soil Microorganisms – Soil Microbe

The author has it right in the first paragraph. Not only are soil microbes in the soil they are, in fact, around us all of the time. His term mutualism is some times called a symbiotic relationship, but the concept is the same. The plant and  the microbe both benefit from the relationship.

The plant gets the nutrients that are made more available by the beneficial microorganisms. The microbes gain the sugar and other exudates from the plant. In fact, these exudates from the plant are what attracts the soil microorganisms in the first place.

Microbes abound in soil. Some have established a mutualism between the host plant and itself like Rhizobium. This genera is typically found in crops like legumes. Such microbes are important to the growth of plant life because they fix nitrogen as part of the global nitrogen cycle.

Soil Composition

Soil composition and health is the key to having a garden or farm  that produces healthy plants. Most often, soils that are not producing are also lacking in soil microorganisms.

As the season progresses closer to summer, folks everywhere will be utilizing the soil to grow a wide variety of plants–from flowers to crops. As I’m sure you are aware, the composition of the soil is key in producing healthy plants that grow strong. Plants require a number of macronutrients such as Hydrogen (H), Potassium […]

Biofertilizers and Soil

Biofertilizers contain living microorganisms, usually bacteria and/or beneficial soil fungi like Trichoderma.     Biofertilizers, sometimes called soil probiotics, soil amendments, and biostimulants can be added to soil that are deficient in beneficial microbes.

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