Solving Golf Course Problems with Biologicals


Historically, golf course problems depend on their location. However, two problems occur at

Golf Course Problems
Biota Green is a Probiotic for Golf Greens

almost all courses; the cost of fertilization, and water.

The costs to fertilize golf courses continues to rise and there is no end in sight to these price increases. Along with increases in the price of fertilizers, some courses need more and more fertilizers ever year.

The second universal golf course problem is water. Some areas have too much, some areas too little, and everyone is concerned about water quality.


Biota  Green Provides Solutions

Biota Green is specifically designed to deal with both of these universal golf course problems. Biota Green revitalizes the soil, enhances fertilizer availability to greens and tee boxes, and improves water penetration. 

Biota Green is a unique, super concentrated tablet that contains billions of beneficial soil bacteria and beneficial soil fungi. Together these beneficial  soil microorganisms will help replenish the natural microbial populations that have been lost to chemicals, drought, fire, heat, cold and excess watering.

Biota Green is a probiotic for golf course. It revitalizes the soil by replenishing the beneficial microorganisms found in healthy soils. These beneficial soil microorganisms help accelerate the nitrogen and carbon cycles, processing these vital soil nutrients faster and more efficiently. Because of this processing, use of Biota Green can reduce the overall amount of traditional fertilizers used by golf courses, a significant cost savings. Additionally, since fertilizers usage is reduced, the amount of fertilizer runoff is reduced as well.

Further, it is well known that when soil microorganisms are missing, soils ability to take in water is significantly reduced. This creates the problem of needing to overwater high use areas such as greens and tee boxes. Regular use of Biota Green will increase the soils ability to retain water. 

Biota Green is a probiotic for golf courses that can help solve two important golf course problems; over fertilization and water.

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