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Solving Turf Grass Problems with Biota Max

Solving Turf Grass Problems with Biota Max™

Turf grass problems are an annual problem for those of us that want a healthy, attractive lawn. While lawns have a number of different problems, we’ll try to summarize some of the main lawn issues here. We’ll also talk about how to use Biota Max™, a soil probiotic, soil amendment, and biofertilizer, to solve some of

Turf Grass Problems

Before and after picture. The below picture is after 2 weeks of using Biota Max. Notice how healthy the lawn in the below picture is!!

these pesky lawn problems.

Common Turf Grass Problems

  1. Grass stress. This can be caused by a number of factors; including too much or too little water, too much or too little fertilizer, and too much pesticides.
  2. Nutrient deficiency including nitrogen deficiency.
  3. Injury to the grass. Gasoline spills, fertilizer spills and dog urine are common examples of injuries to grass.
  4. Grass diseases and grass fungal problems. These vary greatly by the type of grass and climate. Overstressed grasses are particularly likely to have grass diseases. Fusarium blight, brown spot and dollar spot are very common lawn diseases.

Biota Max™ Solves Many Turf Problems

Biota Max™ is a soil probiotic that contains billions of beneficial soil microorganisms. These beneficial soil microbes help the grasses’ root system better utilize vital nutrients and water.

Biota Max Benefits for Your Lawn

  • Increase moisture around the roots.
  • Reduces stress from lack of water.
  • Processes nutrients – reducing nutrient stress
  • Increases root mass – a stronger root system means a healthier lawn.
  • Replaces microorganisms killed by fire, freeze and flooding.

How to Use Biota Max™ on your Lawn

It could not be more simple to use Biota Max™ to treat your turf problems. Each Biota Max™ fizzy tablet treats 1/4 acre or 10,000 square feet of lawn. Simply dissolve the tablet (takes less than one minute) and apply to your lawn – Thats IT!!

Custom Biologicals, Inc.

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  1. How to buy Bio ferlizer & How much that cost if delivered in the Philippines?

    1. MrBill says:

      Hi Mecedita. We deliver our microbial products worldwide with no additional charges for shipping.

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