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Welcome to the Living Soils Online Store! Our agriculture products are listed below. Here’s the list of all of our products. 

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Custom GP 

Custom GP
Custom GP is OMRI Listed™

Custom GP Concentrate Contains 4 species of beneficial soil fungi of the genus Trichoderma. Enough to treat 2.5 acres.

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Custom GP 50ml Concentrate Treats 2.5 acres or 1 Hectare – Free US Shipping – $35.99



Custom GP 1 Liter Concentrate Treats 50 acres or 20 Hectare – Free US Shipping – $599.00



Custom GP Fizzytabs

Custom GP Fizzytabs – Free Shipping




Custom B5 Concentrate

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Custom B5 Concentrate. Contains 5 species of beneficial soil bacteria. Enough to treat 2.5 acres.

biological soil admendment
Custom B5 Soil productivity product

Custom B5 50ml Concentrate Treats 2.5 acres or 1 Hectare – FREE International SHIPPING – Only $31.99


Custom B5 1 Liter Concentrate Treats 50 acres or 20 Hectare – FREE International SHIPPING – $599.00



Products for Composting

Combo Pack – Custom B5 & Custom GP FREE US Shipping

These products are liquid concentrates. Contains enough microorganisms to compost 10 cubic meters or 10 cubic yards.

Only $59.00

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Order Biota Max™

Biota Max™ is a unique soil probiotic containing 10 species of beneficial soil

Biota Max Soil Probiotic
Biota Max – Biofertilizer

microorganisms.  Each tablet contains enough microbes to treat 1/4 acre.  Garden the natural way – use Biota Max™.

FREE US Shipping and International Shipping

One Biota Max Tablet $7.99 Treats 1/4 Acre

Two Biota Max Tablets $14.00 Treats 1/2 Acre 

Four Biota Max Tablets $25.00 Treats 1 Acre

Twelve Biota Max Tablets $69.99 Treats 3 Acres 

Tube of Twenty Biota Max


Box of 100 Biota Max Tablets for $499.00

Case of 600 Biota Max Tablets for $2,500.00