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The Best Way to Grow Bigger Plants

The Best Way to Grow Bigger Plants

The best way to grow bigger, better plants is to use Biota Max™ by Custom Biologicals.

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The Best Way to Grow bigger, better plants is with Biota Max.

Grow Bigger Plants – Biota Max™

Quite simply, the best way to grow bigger, better crops and vegetables is to use a biofertilizer such as Biota Max™.


Biota Max™ is a small, effervescent that contains billions of beneficial microorganisms. Remarkably, each tablet contains enough beneficial microbes to cover 1/4 acre or about 10,000 square feet. These microorganisms are vital to the success of the plant.

Each tablet contains both beneficial soil bacteria and beneficial soil Trichoderma. Each of these microorganisms play a key role in the healthy soils. And every farmer knows that great plants start with health, living soils.

Biofertilizers are the way to grow

Biofertilizers work in two main ways; they make existing nutrients more available to the plant, and they produce plant growth hormones, called phytohormones.

Bio fertilizers make existing soil nutrients such as phosphorus more available to plants. Particularly Paenibacillus polymyxa, a component of Biota Max™, is known to solubilize phosphorus. In addition to helping with phosphorus, this amazing microbe also fixes nitrogen.

Just as exciting as nutrient solubility is the production of plant growth hormones. These hormones are produced by the microbes and taken into the plant by the root system. As the picture above illustrates, beneficial microbes help grow bigger, stronger root systems.

Biota Max Availability

Biota Max™ is manufactured and distributed by Custom Biologicals and is available in our store, on this website.

Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of microbiological products for use in a number of industries and applications. We’re always looking for new distributors both domestic and international. Private labeling, customized product formulations and protected territories (international only) are available.

Contact us at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz.

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  1. I live in northwest Florida,where hurricane Michael devastated our community,I’m a small time Gardner with a plan on opening a backyard nursery and supply in the near future ,I am very interested in what toll the storm had to our area,I live 2 blocks from the bay and we were flooded with 25 inches in my home not to mention I lost hundreds of cuttings I had propagated and a great collection of potted plants,some shrubs and trees,but some of the in ground stuff I had that made is coming back with more vigor than ever,but so are the weeds,just wondering if anyone was interested .thank you William Thursbay

    1. MrBill says:

      William. I’m sorry to hear you were involved with Michael. I’m in S. Florida and we’ve had our share of hurricanes. I know they are tough. SEnd me your address and I’ll send you some free samples of Biota Max. Lets see if we can get your foliage back in good health.

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