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The Use of Beneficial Microbes on Golf Courses

Beneficial microbes on golf courses is the subject of this testimonial. Here’s a great testimonial, along with a couple of pictures.


A careful, well thought out plan, can have a dramatic affect on golf course grass health. In this example, Terra Feed has created a program, called the Symphony Program, that incorporates beneficial microbes and pH control. The end result is great greens, healthy grasses, and the use of less traditional fertilizers.

Beneficial microbes are a necessary ingredient in any turf management program. Regular use of beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi increases root size root capabilities, and overall root health. Healthy roots are the key to plant health.

GLADES CC, NAPLES FLORIDA – Golf Course Success With TERRA FEED Soil Symphony Program.

In 2018, after incorporating the Terra Feed Soil Symphony Program (SSP) SOIL amendment materials and microbiological products into our agronomic program, we have observed a great response in the turf: growth rate, appearance and roots are excellent. Fertilizer applications last longer thereby reducing the frequency of application, and after being on the total program with Sulfur-CARB in the spray program, existing and incoming soil pH issues from Bicarbonates in the irrigation water have been successfully addressed. The roots and appearance demonstrate this.

Incorporating the SBS-M (Mycorrhizal fungal blend) with the beneficial bacteria materials (SBS-A Chitinolytic bacteria and SBS-B Trichoderma fungi) along with Turf-TAC has helped to achieve a healthy stand of turf with excellent rooting. Fungicide and pesticide programs work better, and we see reductions in the need fungicides and pesticides. This benefits the course and helps with the budget.

There is no better proof than pulling a core of turf out of the ground and finding deep white tender roots. After achieving a successful Paspalum grow-in, it is our goal to continue to build healthy soils using the Soil Symphony Program that will sustain turf quality and improve turf appearance and improve recovery from environment issues.

Adam Winslow, Superintendent 1-14-19


beneficial microbes on golf courses
Beneficial Microbes on Golf Courses
Great picture of enhanced root growth!!

This article has been about beneficial microbes on golf courses. For additional information or to discuss issues at your golf course, contact Custom Biologicals at or at (561) 797-3008.

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